What is in your Emotional Backpack?

Ahhh fear, now that is a word that everyone knows and has experienced at some point in their life.  Fear is something to really look at in your life.  This is an unnecessary stressor.

When you live in a place of fear, you are not living in your full potential.  Ask yourself what are you afraid of?  Why? How does your body react to that particular fear? Write it in a journal.

Here is an example of living in fear: You have gotten into an argument with a long term friend cutting off your friendship and you see that friend,  your heart begins to start beating fast, you may start to have anxiety,  or experience heat throughout your body or your face may start to turn red  or maybe a million angry thoughts are running through your mind.

It is natural to feel that way because what you fear reveals what you value the most.  In the above example,  the fear revealed that you may value the friendship possibly due to knowing that person for many years. The most important lesson is what you learn from your fears, so you are able to move forward in life.  As humans we tend to not deal with these so-called fears and we put it in the back of our mind AKA our "emotional backpack".  Imagine if you did the same thing every time you did not want to deal with a fearful situation this "emotional backpack" is getting heavier and heavier and eventually will burst and take a toll not only on your body but your mind and spirit. You want to live life lighter not heavier. 

Action Plan:  Affirmations To Stop Living in Fear

1. " I chose to face my fears by taking action every time, even when I feel ______."

2. Start exercising a new you by changing the conversation.  "I will interrupt fear-driven thought patterns with positive thought patterns."

3. Practice a new you by owning your identity by repeating " I'm confident because I know that I am a victor, not a victim!"

So what is in your emotional backpack?



Yvonne FutchComment