How a Reiki Session Incorporated with Theoretical Approaches can help one with Cognitive Restructuring: Reframing into a Healthier Self

Spring is a time for creating change. I am bringing this blog back, as this post will be an aide to help you focus and get clear on what your heart desires for the year.  Please Note get clear of your intentions by June and you will see all the fruit of your labors start manifesting in July and August.  Good Fortune will appear, like the Genie in the lamp states, "Your wish is my command!"


How a Reiki Session Incorporated with Theoretical Approaches can help one with Cognitive Restructuring: Reframing into a Healthier Self

What is Cognitive restructuring: A coping technique; substituting negative, self-defeating thoughts with positive, affirming thoughts that change perceptions of stressors from threatening to non-threatening/or neutral state of one's-being. (Brian Luke Seaward)

The purpose of cognitive restructuring is to expand an individual's conscious perspective to allocate more space for change in perception. This is a theoretical approach I utilize when I am conducting Reiki therapy.

Typically when I work with a client we are automatically working on Cognitive restructuring at different levels. These are old beliefs and perceptions we learned and adopted as children between the ages of 2-6 years old. Remember as children we are like sponges and tend to soak up everything, including all sensory stimuli such as: environment, immediate family, relatives, peers, teachers etc.

As one grows up into adulthood whatever sensory stimuli he or she has experienced has set the stage of one's behavior, subconscious thought patterns, and belief system (why we do what we do and why we think how we think). Until one gets to the root cause of these negative thought patterns and beliefs (why they do what they do and think how they think) nothing will change. Reiki therapy can help unlock the unconscious mind so the client can create self-awareness, create reappraisal of the situation, adopt and substitute a positive attitude for a negative perception and evaluate the new attitude of how it is working in one's life.

Here is an example: Lisa consciously wants to meet that perfect guy to date and get married, so Lisa sets that intention and believes she is going to attract her soul mate and goes out with her girlfriends/social event but then nothing happens repeatedly. Perhaps, unconsciously, Lisa may still really enjoy being single and likes her freedom or maybe she feels she is not worthy of quality relationships. Regardless of the reason, some belief system concealed in the depth of Lisa's unconscious mind is holding on to old ways denying the law of attraction to its highest potential. Hence, Lisa's unconscious mind is not in balance with her conscious mind.

Therefore, the goal is to have the unconscious and conscious mind match and act together in harmony, resulting in a reduction of stressors and decrease dis-ease in one's body, mind and spirit. There is always a reaction to an action, the choice is yours! 

Remember the most important asset is your Health!



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