Prepare yourself for receiving Reiki

Did I need to do anything special to prepare for a Reiki session? 

By the time we are sitting with each other before a Reiki session, clients will bring up this question. I realized after some time that this has a lot to do with people not knowing what Reiki is like, or what they can do before and after we meet to make the appointment an even more powerful way to find healing.

If you’ve made an appointment for Reiki you might consider using the following tips:

1. You don’t need to fast or do anything that would make you uncomfortable. It would be best to be relaxed, so thinking about how hungry you are is going to be a little distracting.

Before coming to Reiki make sure you have had something nourishing to eat and that you are hydrated. Eating a heavy meal or having a few mimosas at brunch just before your appointment is not something I’d recommend. Also, might want to take a bathroom break before we start as some of the meditations may include water imagery.

2.  Clothes stay on during a Reiki appointment, I can’t make that clear enough haha. When you know you are going to be lying down on a table for the next hour wear something you can breathe in. If you want to wear street clothes or sweat pants its fine with me. Socks are usually a good idea too as feet tend to get cold. I provide a blanket and some pillows and the table is very comfortable.

3. It’s good to have some time before your appointment where you can reflect on where you are at physically and emotionally. Set your intention and we can discuss it, maybe we can cater the music or mediation aspect so it is more direct to what you feel you need. If several issues are surfacing Reiki will find its way to whatever needs healing most urgently.

After your appointment I’d recommend you do the following:

1. Reflect on your experience. If you keep a journal write down what you are feeling or if anything came to mind, sometimes these things make more sense a day or two later.

2. The important thing here is to listen to what your body wants and needs, treat yourself to a healthy, nourishing meal or snack and drink lots of water. Some people find Reiki makes them hungry afterwards or maybe it makes you feel sleepy, taking time out to have a nap or do something relaxing is key.

3. Be prepared for more intense emotional and/or physical sensations, our problems and worries can build up over time and they need to be released. If you feel overwhelmed make sure to let me know, as your Reiki practitioner I’m here to facilitate your healing.


Nothing is expected of you before, during, or after a Reiki session. You are coming to Reiki to heal and these are little tips to help you make the most of your session.

Peace, Love, and Reiki    YF