Let It Go



I read this amazing article (link below) and wanted to reach out and share its beautiful message, it feels appropriate for our coming holiday season. I’m not going to write much about it because it speaks for itself, and for each of us it has its own meaning.

“Reflecting on our lives we realize our struggle, we resist what our Dharma is asking us to do: to let go and open our hearts; to embrace and accept everything that unfolds in both our lives and the life of the world.”

Let’s not struggle, what happens if we open our hearts to what we really want and embrace the differences and the difficulties in our lives? What happens if we accept and move forward, if we stop stagnating in outmoded beliefs about ourselves and others? What if right now we take a moment to acknowledge the dream we have put aside and neglected, if we open our hearts to seeing how we can give that dream life?

 “Most of us are like a fish caught in a hook. …we spend most of the time struggling, not wanting to be reeled in, not wanting to let go of all the things that we are desperately holding.  While we often know that spiritual training will take us in the right direction we say to ourselves, “But I need to do this,” or “I must have that.”

Letting go isn’t easy. What happens if we ask ourselves what we are desperately holding on to and is that activity/belief helping us to live a happier more fulfilled life? At one time it may have been helpful, but if it does not serve to make a richer more wonderful life experience then its time to LET IT GO.


Yvonne Futch1 Comment