How Can Reiki Heal you?


Some of you may not know this, but Reiki is considered a professional support for conventional healthcare and has been integrated into many health care settings. According to the Center For Reiki Research, over 60 hospitals and clinics within the US offer Reiki Treatments. These treatments are part of a suite of alternative therapies collectively known as Complementary and Alternative (CAM.).

Here in the US we are gifted with a wonderful array of medical professionals who work around the clock to treat illness and save lives. Reiki can be a complimentary treatment to help those who might benefit from its peaceful and restorative effects. In fact, I spent a considerable amount of time working with cancer patients to alleviate the side effects of their treatment. Reiki helped with pain management, relaxation, and eased side effects like nausea and stomach upset from Chemo-treatment. The patients I worked with were able to function the next day and go to work.  I noticed that in addition to relieving symptoms of their treatment, my clients had a renewed interest in changing and reconstructing their belief systems and showed an increasing self-awareness. They changed their eating habits and became more conscious about what they were consuming physically and mentally. Many of my clients became more socially and physically active and their self-empowerment was unmistakable. During such a pivotal and life changing experience I was awed and inspired to see how many of my clients expressed gratitude for their new found well-being. It should be noted that Reiki is seen as a complementary therapy, it does not heal cancer and anyone who isn’t well should see a doctor for treatment.

As bad as it is to have a chronic illness, everyday difficulties and struggles also tend to build up like dams in our bodies blocking the flow of energy and vitality. One of the greatest benefits of a good Reiki session is its ability to enable relaxation and reduce stress. For most people Reiki has been known to improve heart rate and blood pressure, reduce anxiety and pain, induce relaxation, improve fatigue and relieve symptoms of depression while strengthening overall well being. Some additional benefits, although not measureable may be even more important, who wouldn’t want enhanced self-esteem and a sense of spiritual connection!

To discover the benefits of Reiki for yourself or a loved one, please contact me for an appointment. If you are interested in reading more about Reiki in a clinical medical setting please check out the links below.

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