Personal Rituals


Here we are, approaching the Holidays and preparing for all the familiar family rituals, religious rituals, and social rituals that are spread across the next 30 days. I was thinking today about daily rituals and the different ways I can bring more fulfillment to my life maybe by changing little habits and transforming them into rituals, adding real meaning rather than just trying to ‘get through them.’

1. To Savor Life

Wake up late, grab something to wear, run out the door knowing you are already late. Sorry, time machines haven’t yet been invented so no going back to bed and starting over. What can we do to make tomorrow a different kind of day? First things first, when you wake up take a moment to think of three things you are grateful for. It doesn’t take long but this little ritual can be a way to reset your way of thinking for the day ahead. As you move through the day take a moment here and there to focus on the things you enjoy: a fresh cup of coffee in a favorite mug, sharing a meal with loved ones, or pausing to make a toast over drinks. These are little rituals that allow us savor moments and treat ourselves with kindness and love.

2. To Start Something New

If you are anything like me, getting started on something new especially if its something for myself can be a real case study in procrastination. Want to get started on making some new jewelry? Time to spring clean the house! So what can be done to make this start less painful and accomplish the task, I don’t punish myself I use this as my new starting ritual; Just Do It! That is a link to Shia LaBeouf’s motivational Speech. Feeling motivated yet? I am! Studies have been done that indicate that how we think of time can also be a factor. If we think of things due in 7 days we are more motivated to finish it than if we thought about it as due in 1 week.

3. To Be Lucky

You know the old cliché and maybe you want to scream every time you hear it, “The harder I work the luckier I get.” Ok. Take a moment and have that scream you earned it! Turns out, there is some truth to it, there is a lot you can do to make yourself luckier and its not necessarily work, its little things like changing up your routine and being positive. Small rituals to boost your confidence can impact the outcome and there are plenty of studies and TED talks that back up this idea.  So, plant those four-leaf clovers and wear that lucky necklace if it makes you feel good and brings you some well-earned mojo.

I’d love to hear of any personal rituals you use and why you use them.

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