This is the Month of Love- "The Heart Chakra"


An unbalanced heart chakra can block you from giving and receiving love, possibly leaving you with feelings of impatience, anger, fear, depression, jealousy, low self-esteem etc...

When the heart chakra is in balance you are accepting of life, others and self effortlessly. Moreover, by opening your heart chakra you are building "Ojas"or what I like to call it "Happy Tokens", which creates positivity for everyone, including the environment.

Here are some ways to open up your heart chakra:

  • Coexist with Green. Go outside with nature as much as possible. This is a natural healing modality and will lift up your spirits.

  • Breathe green. With each inhale imagine a beautiful sparkling emerald green light filling up your heart center with warmth and positivity and with every exhale feel your heart center let go of all negativity that is not good for self, others and the universe. Do this for a few minutes until you feel your mind and body completely relaxed.

  • Think Happy. Do Daily- Close your eyes and sit in a quiet place and visualize, a place, friends, family members or individuals who have impacted your life with love, good times and happiness. You will begin to feel your body language shift, you may begin to smile, your body may become warm or may begin to tingle with joy or all the above. You will begin to feel your heart open up like a blooming flower. This exercise helps you to remember and focus on all the positives of your life.

  • Give Gratitude. Do Daily- Send gratitude kisses to everything/one who has provided you Love and Happiness. By doing this will create more love and happiness into your life.

I want to thank every one of you for all the many blessings I have received in my life! Also, I am so grateful for my baby Kai, what a blessing and sooo darn cute!!!!

Peace, Love and Reiki

Yvonne FutchComment