Say it Loud & Say it Proud: I QUIT

Here is the list of things I’m quitting today, I’ll do it gracefully but these things have to go if I’m to live an authentic life. Plus we are just passing the full moon which is a perfect time to rid ourselves of what no longer serves a purpose.

Doing more than I should

·      I will rest when I know I need to

·      I will eat before I get too hungry

·      I will pay attention to the people around me, is reciprocity part of the relationship or am I allowing myself to be a doormat

·      I accept myself just as I am – I am important!

Pretending I’m someone I’m not

·      I will stop trying to fit in. I look for places where I am naturally accepted

·      I will stop pretending to be less so others are more comfortable with me

·      I am my age. Deal with it. I have been to and done interesting things, this body is lived in and loved. I’ve earned my scars and wrinkles.

·      I accept myself just as I am – I am perfect!

Belonging to groups that don’t want me

·      I’m not accepting that invitation. I’m not a place-setting at your party or an obligation, if I feel I’m invited for ANY reason other than you love me for me, I’m not going

·      I’m not staying at that job where I struggle to hold on everyday for fear of being fired or where people avoid eye contact because they don’t want to get fired

·      I accept myself just as I am – I love and am loved in return!

Believing in false realities

·      Waiting for a hero to show up and save me from/or give me justice from *fill in whatever person or situation is hurting me* That hero is me

·      Praying for some miracle to make the world a better place. I am that miracle. All the #thoughtsandprayers aren’t going to do a damn, but I can do something. I can help that child find a safe loving home, I can pick up/feed/or find a rescue for that stray dog, I can be a shoulder for my friend to cry on when things get bad, at the very least I can say here is today’s coffee money for that worthy cause

·      Thinking that I am not good enough. I am. I am painting my own masterpiece and it is my life’s work, I’m putting my energy and motivation into creating a better reality for me

·      I accept myself just as I am – I am everything I need and want!


Every success story we hear about tells us “never give up!” or the condescending “quitters never win & winners never quit!” That protestant work ethic people work up a lather over, that hard headedness. It is not getting us anywhere, instead it is a sign that we need to retreat and re-think our position. Quitting isn’t a sign of moral weakness or lack of commitment. On the contrary, quitting shows we are capable of being true to ourselves.

Is it worth hanging in there? If the situation is contributing to something on your bucket list, then yes. Just ask yourself how long you can hang in there. If it isn’t contributing to your masterpiece then consider quitting.

Yvonne FutchComment