Don't Clown Around with 2016: New Year, New Hustle!

New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve been pretty proud of the fact that many of my resolutions for 2015 really came through, I’ve exercised more, I’ve made solid changes in my diet, I travelled to new and exciting places – crossed Columbia, Peru, Argentina, and Chile off my bucket list! And I’ve gathered the courage to promote my Reiki practice (self-promotion does not come easily to me!) and be consistent in sharing my knowledge and Reiki with those around me.

Before I get into strategies I use to make my resolutions happen, lets talk habits. A habit is a custom or practice that is acquired and integrated into your life and does not require any conscious effort. You do not have habits, they have you!

Is it possible to break a habit?

Well, kind of, but they are a bit like learning to swim or learning to ride a bike – you can’t unlearn them but you can make them work for you. Self-destructive habits are much easier to learn, no delayed gratification! You don’t have to exercise anything close to self-discipline which makes these habits a real hassle to change or modify and they really stick around. Reiki can be a gentle way to help us see our habits for what they really are. With that realization we can learn to manage our habits better and some day maybe our new, better habits take over, but this will never happen until we admit to ourselves that we have these pesky self-destructive habits.

Love to sabotage yourself with negative self –talk? Can’t drive by Krispy Kremes without stopping for a baker’s dozen? Pledged to take your weekly drinking down to only 2 glasses of wine a week and it ends up being 2 glasses over dinner (3 or 4 times a week?) Swore that you would change your ex’s name on your phone from Paul to DoNotCall, but never did? You may have a self-destructive habit.


Here are some strategies to manage habits and make new resolutions part of your life in 2016:


1.     Stop Rationalizing - “Nobody’s perfect.” “I can’t change now, I’m too old!” If the rewards are important enough, you can do it. Set a reward system up for yourself! If you don’t buy junk food for breakfast you can put that money towards a massage, a new haircut or your bucket list trip! Get a jar and put the money in there, it helps to see your progress develop in front of your eyes.

Take a look around. Some of the most interesting people you know are people who never stopped growing and learning. It is never too late to change.

2.     Apply a strategy - Be creative! If you hate the gym, try a dance or a self-defense class. Learning new things only makes you more interesting, break out those salsa moves at the next wedding or show off that Krav Maga move that will impress your little brother. Either one is way more interesting than complaining about how you can’t fit into your old jeans anymore.

3.     Be Realistic – Change what you can today. Old habits don’t die quickly but if you are consistent you will see progress. Isn’t it better to have a failure every now and again than to be enslaved by your habit every day?

4.     Be Encouraged – Positive, enthusiastic, energy will get you a lot further with reaching your end goal. You don’t have to tell everyone you meet what you are doing but know that when they notice your new skills they will be impressed.

5.     Get Better at Recovery – brush that dust off your shoulder and get back on the dance floor or back to the salad bar. Don’t let setbacks distract you from what you want. Remember not to let too much time pass, acknowledge what happened and why, and get put your goal back where it belongs, in your focus.

6.     Don’t put yourself in tempting situations – A friend who loves to down 3 or 4 margaritas after a breakup, take her out for a long walk so she can talk it out while you both benefit from the fresh air and exercise. If you can’t find a way to make a situation nourishing for your new self and new habits then its time to walk away from it.

Love, YF