Reiki & Raising your Vibration


Everything in the universe has a vibration or frequency, even us humans. 


Do I sound like a hippy? Kind of but not really, it turns out there is hard science to back up this vibration stuff and here are some links (below) if you want to check it out ;-)


The reason you are really drawn to certain people may have a lot to do with your unconscious response to their vibration. Whether it is high or low.


The higher the vibration the more aligned we are with our true purpose and in touch with ourselves and the more we are in the flow. If you think about it, usually you are most attractive to others (family, friends, or lovers) when you are really and truly happy i.e. when you are really hitting your stride and doing your thang!


Lower vibration, well we can all be there from time to time and it is not a great way to feel. Tired, achy, unhappy we all know misery loves company and often we end up drawing people around us who are not really helping the situation.


People are naturally drawn to your happiness and confidence, your good vibes, your higher vibration. Since our energy directly affects the people around us it makes sense for us to be around people who lift us up so we are always (when we are mentally healthy) drawn to raising our own vibration.


 Reiki channels the energy of the universe, cleaning out our chakras and energetic debris and righting our imbalances (whatever they might be.) A good spring cleaning so we can feel fresh and new, aligning with others who are on the path to happiness, love and radiating at our optimal energetic level. Laughter, music, and good clean wholesome food can also help us to raise our vibration and make the most of our existence on this beautiful planet.