Benefits of Essential Oils in Reiki & Everyday Life

Here I am applying the Raindrop Technique during a workshop let by Jennifer Walz. In the background is a pair of Angel Wings created by a local artist at Art Is Life Studio in Dallas.

This weekend I took some time out to learn about the Raindrop Technique, which combines Aromatherapy (using high grade essential oils) with Vita Flex (a gentle reflexology type massage) and Feather Stroking (a light massage along the back and neck.)

I did this for a few reasons:

·      I wanted to learn more about aromatherapy

·      I wanted to improve my personal understanding of Raindrop Technique – I’d heard about it but never used it

·      Scent is one of our most powerful senses and applying essential oils while in a Reiki session can bring about a more relaxing and comforting experience for my clients


So, if you are like me you might be familiar with some of the more common everyday essential oils and their various benefits: Lavender oil is great for a peaceful night’s sleep and Chamomile is good before bed as well (funny how all the ones I know are directly related to one of my favorite activities!) There are so many more uses than I expected and it would take me all day to write about them so I added some links that I felt were pretty informative without being dull.  Here is a quick run down on how to use essential oils. And another link on some out of the box ideas that might come in handy for every day uses.


Just a little PSA first, essential oils are highly concentrated plant components (not fatty acids) and can take thousands of pounds of the raw material to concentrate into just one pound of oil. This process takes time which is why the highest-grade therapeutic oils seem expensive (a lot less expensive than perfumes though). Here is a link to learn more about the process. High-grade essential oils are a luxury and the results are in line with the price. Mainly, if you buy something in the store for $6 it is going to be more diluted than the more exclusive lines like Young Living Essentials. So economical me would add a less expensive essential oil to a diffuser, saving the purer oils for topical application in a carrier (such as jojoba or almond oil). For most of us just a drop or two is enough, remember they are concentrated! Some may be taken internally but it is highly important to ask a professional first.


If you have any questions please go ahead and ask. My experience this week after the Raindrop Technique has been remarkable! A big jump in my energy levels along with some deep insights into my own needs and things I’d like to work on for myself.