Connecting with Nature for Earth Day

Here in Dallas we know first hand the affects of nature on our every day lives: allergy season, thunder and lightning storms, tornados, snow/ice storms, heat waves, mosquitos, and on the good side blue bonnet season, White Rock Lake, and even the Katie Trail!

Many of us with even a small patio long to bring nature into our lives, it soothes us and gives us a sense of accomplishment to see things we put effort into becoming something beautiful or tasty.

One movement that is bringing nature to light in a hands on environment is the Permanent Agriculture Movement or Permaculture. The obvious benefits to this include learning a new skill and learning to grow your own food but there are deeper more powerful reasons this movement is taking hold, namely our primal need to connect with the Earth and sooth our minds and hearts.

Ecotherapy/Nature Therapy

Yes, it's a thing! Research shows that a beautiful natural environment restores the brain through sensory input. In an experiment outlined here, 71% of participants who went on a nature walk showed reduced symptoms of depression compared to 45% of those who walked through a mall. The sounds of nature, water flowing, and birds singing as well as the fragrances of fruit or flowers improved the mood of participants. Even looking out a window or looking at a nature scene in a photo increased positive feelings.

Acceptance and Awareness

Observe and interact is the first principle of Permaculture, learning to understand the natural process of nature. Nature is beyond our control and it is constantly changing -sounds a lot like life. We can learn first hand to accept adversity and know that we did our best to help something grow, it also teaches us not to smother the things we love. Too much attention can do more harm than good.


 We know that by recycling or eating organic that we are doing our part. Permaculture teaches us that we can create a more sustainable Earth when we are aware of our habits. Methods like crop selection to reduce water waste and utilizing compost reminds us that interconnectivity, observation, and respect for nature sustains all of us.


Mycobaterium Vaccae, a harmless little soil bacteria has been shown to relieve depression. The bacteria can remain on hands or food that have recently been in soil releases serotonin in the brain. So get your hands dirty! Of course, as great as that is nothing compares to growing something and having the pleasure of nourishing yourself with the food you grew. Maybe the only thing better than that is sharing it!

 FREE & local Events at Fair ParkApril 22-24 for Earth Day!