Add Reiki to Your Emotional First Aid Kit!

This Ted Talk by Guy Winch may be a little slow to get going but it is right on the money for this months' topic, Self-Compassion. Yes, I'm capitalizing Self Compassion - is there anything more important than taking personal responsability for your own physical and emotional well being? 

For many of my clients Reiki is something they consider a treat, but instead of a box of Kate Weiser Chocolates or a new pair of heels, Reiki is a treat that helps to replenish your well of self-care. As well as physical benefits, Reiki benefits our emotional needs; it helps us to feel calm, rested, and soothed.

If you don't have the 17 minutes in your day to watch this (and it is worth watching) here is the gist of the talk:

"By taking action when you're lonely, by changing your responses to failure, by protecting your self-esteem, by battling negative thinking, you won't just heal your psychological wounds, you will build emotional resilience, you will thrive. A hundred years ago, people began practicing personal hygiene, and life expectancy rates rose by over 50 percent in just a matter of decades. I believe our quality of life could rise just as dramatically if we all began practicing emotional hygiene."