3 Noble Truths: Buddhist Perspectives on Change

3 Noble Truths 

I’ve been curious about Buddhism for a long time, and recently decided to jump in and try a Udemy Course by Pema Chadron called Freedom to Choose Something Different. The course itself brought up an interesting concept that I now use in my meditation and when my thoughts are running wild. As I recently finished the course I thought I’d share three elements of the Buddhist philosophy, “The Noble Truths,” and as I continue to learn new concepts I will share those too on my blog.

I find that these concepts can be applied in my Reiki practice and counseling as they help us to think about life’s daily challenges in a more constructive way.

1. Dukkha: Life is pain and causes suffering.

Attachment causes suffering so practice acceptance. You are not a victim and you are not broken. Life is made up of loss, suffering, aging, and eventually death. There is nothing we can do to control this on a macro level so in the face of these obstacles we realize that this is part of life. It wasn’t meant to be pain free. Do not attach to the obstacles anymore than you do the pain.

Be satisfied that life is imperfect and embrace that imperfection. Sometimes our broken parts are where the light comes in, sometimes our broken parts are what draws out our courage and strength and shows us our own inner beauty. We may be lead to believe that life should be a certain way but it often isn’t and that is ok.

2. Anitya: Change is constant.

Impermanence, everything around us changes from moment to moment so celebrate and appreciate the good and know that the painful experiences are also transient. This pain will pass, this comfort and joy will pass, all we have is the present moment.

3. Anatma: The self is always changing

A little like The Noble Truth, Anitya, Anatma is the idea that we are constantly changing. There is no need to ‘find yourself,’ instead try to create the self you want to be. What a huge relief that is when you think about it, we can drop the baggage, the guilt, the games and instead use each moment to be the best version of our new selves.


I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you have used these and what benefits you find now that they are in use.