Her positive energy and kind heart, combined with genuine honesty and free spirit, make her the perfect person to be a conduit for some amazing energy. She was the catalyst that helped me ‘do the work’ I needed to do in my life.
— B.W., San Francisco
What a wonderful experience! I am so glad I chose to experience Reiki with Yvonne. Her spirit was very calming. I left feeling renewed.
— Youree, Carrollton

I absolutely love doing reiki with Yvonne! I always walk away with a volt of energy and newfound love and passion.
— Lisette, San Francisco

She promotes peace and harmony in all she does. I’ve experienced mental & physical stress reduction, healing & relaxation since I started Reiki therapy with Yvonne. I have a great feeling of peace and well being thanks to her & Reiki.
— Brenda, Lewisville

Yvonne has an academic background in social work and I think that really sets her apart, she really knows what she is talking about and approaches any issues you might have with sensitivity and practical advice.
— Blade, Dallas

She is a true professional and always makes you feel comfortable in all situations. I highly recommend Yvonne for anyone who has tried it before, is intrigued by it, or wants to grow as a spiritual being.
— Jacqueline, Duncanville