My good friend recommended that I meet with Yvonne during a time when I was experiencing some difficult personal challenges. I didn’t know much about reiki, but was open to the possibility that it might help me. Yvonne’s energy therapy greatly exceeded my expectations and has been a truly life changing experience.
Yvonne’s kindness, acceptance and wisdom made me instantly comfortable opening up and sharing my inner most thoughts and personal struggles with her as if she were a long-time friend. Through her energy work, mediation coaching and counseling, I have become much more self-aware and centered. I am more relaxed and approach each day with a sense of peacefulness, confidence and optimism.

Although I came to Yvonne to address specific struggles, her therapy touched upon many other aspects of my life and my overall health and wellbeing has improved considerably. I suffered from a chronic skin condition for 10 + years and to my surprise my skin has improved remarkably since undergoing reiki! I would highly recommend going to Yvonne if you have any personal or health challenges. She has an amazing gift and wonderful heart.
— Malia Anderson-Clinical Trial Associate
I had previously never done Reiki before until I met Yvonne. I really had no preconceptions but I would say I was a little on the skeptic side but not enough to keep me form trying it. All I can say is she has had quite an impact on my mental or spiritual health. I am much more calm and positive than I use to be and the people around me have noticed the change as well. I am very physically active so I get injuries from time to time. In addition to the mental aspect Yvonne also knows intuitively where my injuries are without me telling her and I can feel a difference after each session. You will leave feeling calm and relaxed and with a positive outlook. She has definitely changed my life for the better and I recommend her to anyone including skeptics.
— Steve Hess,
I fell in love with Reiki after my very first appointment. Yvonne is wonderful, thoughtful, wise and exudes positive energy; she immediately makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. I think every person responds to Reiki differently, but the most important lessons I learned from it were: focus on being present, be open to the power of positive thinking and work on leading a stress free lifestyle. Yvonne clearly lives her life following these key principles and quickly helps you see the importance and value of them through her body energy healing. I highly recommend everyone keep and open mind and try Complete Wellness – it will transform the way you think, feel and live.
— Meghan Colvin- Senior Web Designer
Reiki makes me feel an overall calmness in life. Very even. It is my time to be still and meditate for an hour. Which there is never any other time in the day where I can be still, unless I am sleeping. I had no idea about Reiki. I was definitely skeptical. I thought it would be a little hokey. And honestly thought I would try it a few times and be done with it. And then I looked up and it had been 6 months of doing it once a week. It is my meditation time. And a time to be all about me and to focus on whatever it is I am feeling that day. It is therapy. When I leave reiki I feel light and happy. Very peaceful.
— Jenny Johnson-Retail Site Group Manager
Reiki has helped me to chill out and relax. I had reiki previously so I knew what to expect. It was super relaxing and I could feel the benefits for days afterwards. When I leave a session I feel happy and I have food for thought.
— Kathy Dwane
Working with Yvonne was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. The one hour spent with her every other week was like a vacation for me to escape to. At the same time, sessions with her opened me up to possibilities in my life that, although I had always known were there, I was never able to see so clearly. Yvonne is what I call a ‘salt of the earth’ individual, and when I first met her I knew I would know her for a long time. I’m now grateful to call her a friend. Her positive energy and kind heart, combined with genuine honesty and free spirit, make her the perfect person to be a conduit for some amazing energy. She was the catalyst that helped me ‘do the work’ I needed to do in my life. I can’t recommend Yvonne enough. She is a special person with a soul that anyone can relate to.
— Brittany Witkin- Founder, The BWIT Group LLC
Yvonne is very accurate! Yvonne is great at reiki and she is very honest. I use to see Yvonne in person for reiki in San Francisco but since she moved to Dallas we do our sessions over the phone. She is accurate even hundreds of miles away. She has been very accurate on several occasions but two that come to mind have been with my right hand and my breathing. My right hand was hurting severely from the computer mouse at work all day and she was able to pick up on it very quickly without saying a word. She told me I had to start using my left hand to prevent any further damage. Another time that Yvonne was very accurate was regarding my breathing. I had a constant stuffy nose and could hardly breathe. She was able to pick up on it and provide suggestions on how to improve it. She has been accurate with my personal life as well. I absolutely love doing reiki with Yvonne and I always walk away with a volt of energy and newfound love and passion.
— Lisette Olazabal- Genetech
Like a lot of people, I am somewhat of a skeptic. I met Yvonne while out with friends and loved her infectious joy and light. She explained Reiki to me and all the benefits. I am so grateful to Yvonne for showing me how powerful Reiki can be. It was obvious she was at the Master level for Reiki. The sessions are not only peaceful and calming but give me a sense of clarity and spirituality. Each session has been a moving and poignant experience. I can’t thank Yvonne enough for showing me this direct connection to peace.
— Leanna Meyer
I had heard of meditations and energy work but I never really thought I would need that for me. I was going through a lot of personal challenges and Yvonne reached out to me, she was very upfront and offered for me to attend Reiki. She mentioned that I should research it and if I felt comfortable I could let her know when I was ready. I tried it and I am grateful to Yvonne for reaching out to me. Reiki has been very enlightening and a beautiful experience. I have learned about myself and continue to do so throughout my Reiki sessions. If you are open and want positive change within yourself and your life, I highly recommend Reiki. It’s normal to feel a little tense or resistant at first, as all new experiences always are, however you won’t regret doing Reiki.

Book a session with Yvonne as she is a great, candid person who is holistic in her work and has been a great Reiki Master!
— Jacqueline Cruz, School Teacher
Yvonne is a natural healer and has wonderful energy that she brings to her clients and Reiki sessions. I had never received Reiki until working with Yvonne. She delivered a few sessions to me and each time, I felt extremely relaxed and refreshed after each session. I also always have my best night’s sleep after receiving Reiki from Yvonne.
— Karen Nepecena-Product Manager